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Mbappe "Hat-trick! PSG cruelty Barca liquid home in the first 16 teams, Chpl.


PSG's boss Mauricio Pochet said no. Show hot form after Kiliyan Mbappe held a hat-trick to lead the team to attack "Chao Bun threw" 4-1 to catch an advantage before returning to win at Parc des Princes on March 10 in the UEFA Champions League Cup (Round of 16, the first game) Earlier Tuesday night

Barcelona trainer Ronald Kuman led the team through the semi-finals as Group G semi-finalists before hitting Alaves 5-1 in their latest league game. It was the fourth win in the fifth round of the game

Mauricio Pochettino, the PSG trainer, led the team to this round by winning Group H before beating Nice 2-1 in the last league game. Is a win in 4 matches

Five minutes pass as PSG greeted first from a stroke on the left side of Mauro Igardy led the ball in before Idrissa Ganagay set up a turret on the right, 30 yards off the back.

In the 14th minute, "Chao Boon threw" lost a golden opportunity as Pedrie stabbed the ball into the penalty area for Antoine Griezmann to fall off the offside trap before he had the opportunity to knock him down with the left. Navas came out to close the corner in time,

five minutes later, the visiting team put out some punches at night. Kili until Mbappe hauled to the center before breaking the charge for Mauro Igardy to slip off the trap, go ahead, pass Terstegen to the door, but need to watch Pedrie follow. Cleared, narrowly left

But then, at the 26th minute, the host jumped out of the rhythm of Lionel Messi, putting a long ball past the defensive line, allowing Frankie de Jong to slip into the penalty area first, as if hitting Leyvin Kurzawa. Following the fall of the leg, the referee did not delay, immediately blowing into a penalty, and Lionel Messi did not fail.

Minutes later, after a defensive error, PSG lost its balance in front of the penalty area and was snatched by Lionel Messi, and finally dropped to Usman Dembele. Bad hit, the ball grinded into Gaylornavas,

32 minutes later, PSG followed a sudden equalizer from Marquinhos's long ball, set off to the left for Leyvaincurczavat. Brisk, into the penalty area, into the way of Marco Verratti, a single stroke for Kylian Mbappe to run away from the Gremont Lété, with the left, stuffed the first post.

3 minutes later, the visiting team started to be hilarious, now Leyvin Kurzawa put the ball off into the penalty area before bowing with the left end of the hand. Going to be exaggerated

Continuous stroke "Chao Boon threw" garden some night Lionel Messi left the ball left for Antoine Griezmann, a single thrust from half the field before having the opportunity to compress with the left through the front exit a little bit.

In the 38th minute, the game opened face, fun exchange, from the rhythm of Moise Kean, moved to get the ball in front of the skull before turning the flick with the right ball, almost inserting the first post, but still not past Mark-Andreter's hand. Stegen

runs out of the first half Barcelona 1 Paris Saint-Germain 1

starts the second half, PSG's immediate pass from Moise Keane's ball left for Kylian Mbapp Pae takes a cut in, has a chance to spin with the right to the ground through the hands of Mark-Andrei Terstegen, taking the post farther after

50 minutes. Kiliyan Mbappe takes the ball through before stabbing into the field. Penalty for Mauro Igardy, cross paid back for Moise Keane to insert it with the right to save Mark-Andre Terstegen, shocked to throw away unbelievable.

15 minutes later converted to PSG, taking the lead from Leandro Paredes' long ball, scooping out the right to Alessandro Florenci offside before slapping into the foot. Gerard Pique became set to Kiliyan Mbappe with the left, leaving the referee checking the VAR and guaranteed it as a

late goal. At 70, came away from the free-kick Leandro Paredes scooped the ball into the penalty area deep into the far post, into Moise Keane's head, hitting the ground in the face of Mark-Andre Tersteke. No left of

the visiting team was close to work due to the reckless timing of Gaylornavas, sending the ball into the foot of Antoine Griezmann, bouncing for his own goal.

Still not satisfied, in the 85th minute, PSG closed the box, beautiful, beautiful, from the rhythm of the reverse, Julian Draxler took the ball up before the sign left the Kiliyan Mbappe to tilt the body to the right. Stabbed far, beautiful, drops

After that there was no additional score for the game. Barcelona 1 Paris Saint-Germain 4

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